Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's Spanish for cowbell. I've been going to football games playing cowbell in my school's pep band for two weeks now. It's possibly the best job ever. For the most part, I just play quarter notes. My cowbell is an LP Black Beauty and sounds awesome. We play songs like "Godzilla," "Super Freak," and "Can-Can"; it's really fun.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I know I haven't been posting on this blog much... Whatever. It's not like anybody's ever been here. I got a great jazz CD yesterday: Brain by Hiromi. I have been hunting for a Hiromi CD ever since I heard of her. It was worth every penny of its comically high price ($19). Highlights include "Kung Fu World Champion," an upbeat tribute to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, "Wind Song," and Keytalk, a laid-back, funky jam session. And speaking of funk, it seems often that this CD leans that way instead of jazz. The rhythm section is even reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith and Flea. Weird, huh? but certainly awesome, even though my favorite Hiromi song is going to stay "010101 (Binary System)" from the Another Mind album.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


My awesome band of cousins and friend, Overlode, is found at this page. I bid you good day.

Hiromi Uehara!

I have a jazz band I unconditionally like now, known as Hiromi. The band is led by master composer and piano virtuoso from Japan, Hiromi Uehara. She is amazing on the keyboard and her insane drummer and bassist have mad skills as well. If you get the time, you should check out the band; you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Greetings. I have a new, secondary blog. It will be all about my drumming. And other people's drumming. And everything to do with drums. I'm very interested in such things. I'm sorry I don't have too much to say on my very first post. I've gotten so addicted to the blog thing. I had been writing in a real journal, but I think I'm finally shifting into the 21st century. Ha! Yes, and I've gotten quite good at hunting/pecking too. I don't know what causes this, but I have just never been able to touch-type properly. I make do. I think I'll have trouble keeping non-drum-related ideas out of this blog. There's so much to write about, and so little time to write it, it seems like I'm spending my time writing about the world rather than experiencing it. I don't mind, though. Taco on the flip side.